Malin Levanon received the Guldbagge Award (Swedish Oscars) 2016 for Best Leading Actress for the role as Minna in Drifters (original title Tjuvheder). Loved and prized by the filmcritiques as well as the audience that made it a box office success. Malin also won a Special Honorable Mention for outstanding acting talent in "Lights Award" in Berlin 2016. 

In the feature Flocking (won a Crystal Bear for Best Film in Berlinale 2015 and World Fiction Award at LA Film Fest, original title Flocken) Levanon plays a major supporting role as Mia, a single mom who faces a community ban after her teenage daughter has been claiming to be raped in school. Malin appeared as Malle in the feature The Reunion (Återträffen) Best Film in the Swedish Academy Awards 2014, awarded in The Critics Week, Venice Film Festival 2013. Levanon also landed the lead in the featurette Gläntan (The Clearing) nominated as Best Short at the Swedish Academy Awards 2013. Previously the film won an "Honorable mention" in 2011 at the Stockholm International Filmfestival. Levanon portrayed the drug addict Mia in In Your Veins (I Skuggan Av Värmen) together with Malin Crepin and Joel Kinnaman. She also featured in the mini series Portkod 1321 as Jennifer. The latter series was nominated as Best Drama at the Swedish TV Awards in 2013. In the costume drama Anno 1790 she took on the role of the double agent Cathrine Sällberg and she appeared as Filippa in the worldwide hit The Bridge (Broen).

Levanon also has a past successful international artcareer. Malin exhibited and performed in arthalls and museeums under the name Malin Vulcano in Scandinavia, Europe, Mexico and USA 2004-2012. She's represented in private collections around Europe. For the underground audience Malin Levanon (Vulcano) is also known for her electronica music and visual clubgigs in Europe and Mexico. Nowdays she mainly focuses on being a fit badass actress and a present pasta mama...