Malin Levanon has created an array of strong roles, crossing genres with grace in a number of award winning films. She amazed critics and audiences alike with her portrayal of the homeless drug dealer, Minna, in ¨Drifters (Tjuvheder)¨ in 2015. The portrayal earned her a Guldbagge in 2016, same year she was also awarded the Northern Lights “Lights Award” for her body of work with the Casters Critiques Choice honor award in Berlin and she also won the prestigious Lena Nyman acting prize.

Malin more or less grew up on stage in the tradition of Stanislavskij. As a teenager she got interested in the physical theatre technique of Grotowskij. Later on she started to learn and work with the film acting method of Mike Leigh which includes a lot of improvisation and character work. When in LA Malin Levanon is a member of Ivana Chubbucks own held masterclass at the prestigious Ivana Chubbuck Studio in West Hollywood, LA.

Levanon’s broad emotional register, humor and strong presence, both on screen and stage, has put her at the forefront of Swedish acting. The warmth, details and attention she brings to each role is a great asset to any movie or play. Known for her courage and unpredictable playfulness, we are excited to see the characters, emotions and worlds she will bring us next…

“I’m used to working quite fast, but some roles requires more effort. All processes and productions are different. For me it’s all about the teamwork, my love for the craft and humankind that drives me…” 

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